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Pentasoft Solutions is a company that specializes in providing Search Engine Optimization services. We take great pride in our work and have the needed Search Engine Optimization experience to perform both ON page optimization and OFF page optimization. ON page optimization refers to the work that needs to be done on your website that ensures your website rankings increase.

ON page optimization includes Meta tags, keyword placement, HTML code, and keyword density. OFF page optimization refers to factors like page rank and link popularity. These factors cannot be controlled by you, unlike ON page optimization. We all create websites for the same reason, to promote your products or services.

Since it is not possible for all the websites to get high ranking, you need to ensure that hire the right SEO consultants to help you out get that ranking. Only when people know about your presence on the internet while they browse through your website. Pentasoft Solutions provide both ON page optimization and OFF page optimization.

ON Page Optimization

ON page optimization is the most important part of the two optimization techniques. The reason for that is because these factors deal with work that needs to be done on your website. When your website is not perfectly or efficiently done, performing much of ON page optimization won’t really have an effect on your website ranking.

The following techniques are coming under ON Page Optimization.

• Keyword analysis
• Competitor analysis
• Title tags, Meta tags, and Site maps
• Http equiv

Keyword analysis: The most important thing that any website need is keyword analysis. Pentasoft Solutions provide keyword analysis, which is where we suggest keywords that are useful for your business or changes in keywords which are being used on your website. Those of you who are new to term keyword analysis need to understand what keyword analysis is.

Keyword analysis can be done by two methods. The first method would be to use keyword analysis tools and the other method would be to use the internet to find out the keywords that can be effective for your business. You have keyword analysis tools that are available for free like the Google AdWords keyword tool which can help generating what kind of keywords can do the trick for your website.

Using the Google AdWords keyword tool is the most basic form of researching keywords. To know what kind of keywords can help your website, we should be aware of factors that can tell us the difficultly to rank specific keywords. That is the main reason why we use keyword analysis tools, both free and paid.

Like mentioned above you have free keyword analysis tools like Google AdWords, which can be used by anyone. You also have keyword analysis tools where you have to pay a certain amount to utilize their services. Keyword analysis tools help to find out how competitive a keyword is for your niche market.

For example when you are planning to run a website that has information on electronic products, then you need to know what kind of keywords are most commonly used in your locality or area by consumers on search engines. Many of you use the internet and are able to find out many keywords for your business.

That is good, but how do you know which keywords will do the trick for you. There is no point in using many keywords for your website as the result won’t be what you expected. This is where you will have to use the services of a keyword analysis tool that can help you work out by showing you the rank of each keyword from the keyword list that you have.

This is the main reason why we use keyword analysis tools like SEOQuake and Traffic Travis. These tools provide you with details of your competition for a specific keyword. Usually you are competing with others to end up with the first ten search results on search engines.

You don’t want to end up on the second or third page because they are similar to ending up on the tenth page, which most probably won’t be seen by consumers. Keyword analysis tools show you how good your competitor websites are for a particular keyword.

The keyword analysis tools reveal some interesting facts that include:

• Meta description tag
• Headline
• Web title tag

You might have come across a few websites that have old domains with plenty of backlinks, but they don’t do well when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Many individuals and even few SEO consultants make the mistake of focusing on the wrong keywords from the start which can hamper your website success on the internet.

Pentasoft Solutions can help you out get ahead in your SEO efforts by properly utilizing the keywords.

Competitor analysis: Pentasoft Solutions perform competitor analysis service which is performing a study or research on your competitor’s website and the keywords they use. It is vital to know your competition and how they are going about things on the internet or otherwise too. You never know at what points or factors you have missed out and this helps a company grow.

Competitor analysis also helps your business as you start providing better products and services when compared to other companies. Only when you perform a competitor analysis you will come to know that glaring gap that can be taken advantage of and enable you to think of original ideas.

We, Pentasoft Solutions perform competitor analysis and recommend certain factors that have been found in our study. Especially when you are running a small business, you need to know how to get up high in search engine rankings. Many small businesses also make the mistake of thinking that just because their rankings are high, they can expect to get similar sales.

That is when they start to think of using traditional methods to improve their products and services. They also start thinking what's gone wrong in their marketing strategy. Pentasoft Solutions stresses on the importance of not only performing competitor analysis, but also performing basic marketing strategies rightly.

We not only perform keyword research and analysis but also recommend you with some of the best keywords that you can utilize for your business. We also encourage our clients to come up with ideas and develop their marketing strategies. As a premier SEO consultant we feel that since the individual only knows best what is good for his or her business, they can provide good marketing strategies.

Competitor analysis is where we have a look at the keywords that used by your competitors on their web page titles. During this process we also take a close look at the titles that are appearing on the second and third page also as one must never underestimate that power of any business.

Who knows, they might have been in this business for a long time and we might learn something worthwhile from them. Like mentioned earlier, we encourage our clients to come up with innovative marketing strategies and ideas that can help their business. The best way to do that is to think about interesting titles that can attract your potential customers.

These day’s customers are very hard to please and you will have to use eye catching titles that can actually promote your business rather than do damage to it.

Title tags, Meta tags, and Site maps:Pentasoft Solutions also recommend appropriate title tags, Meta tags, and site maps that are based on your keywords. Usually Meta tags have three different attributes, which play a vital role that determines the search engine ranking of a website.

They are as follows:

Name: The name consists of the author, keyword, or description.

Content: The website consists of the content which should be able to provide useful information on the website. When the content is not useful for the viewer, he or she might not even go through your website for even a few seconds. That blows your chance to impress your viewer.

Many a times, even though the website looks nice and attractive, there have been many cases where the viewers have just logged out in few seconds. The website content has to be related to the website and have information that is helpful for the reader. That will encourage him or her to read further and go through your entire website.

Your website might also be recommended by the reader to others.

Http equiv:The server uses http equiv. on the MIME document header which includes refresh, charset, and expires.

Any online marketer must know that the website content and keyword tags play a vital role in SEO. Since search engines based their searches on keywords, title tags, and Meta tags, as a website owner you will have to ensure that your website has content that is consistent with your keyword.

The Meta keyword will have to be short and consist of few words. It shouldn’t be too short or too long. It can be just one sentence or one line. That should do the trick. Having an effective title tag and Meta tag can ensure effective search engine optimization.

OFF Page Optimization

OFF page optimization too plays a crucial role to determine your website ranking on search engines. It is not necessarily true that ON page optimization plays a bigger role than OFF page optimization Pentasoft Solutions realizes that fact and provides OFF page optimization services which can help your website to be consistently ranked high on search engines.

The following techniques are coming under ON Page Optimization.

• Keyword Optimization
• Directory Submission
• Article Submission
• Social Bookmarking
• Blog Submission
• Press Release

Keyword Optimization: The first and most important step in OFF page optimization is not an article or directory submissions, but making sure that the keywords are optimized on the articles that being submitted. You would have come across many websites or articles which look fabricated or robotic.

When you are reading the website content or articles, you get a feeling that certain words are being deliberately used again and again throughout. When readers or viewers are going through your website or articles about your website, you must make sure that they don’t get such a feeling.

The main problem while creating website content or articles is that nobody really knows how many times the keywords have to appear on the webpage. In this case, there are chances that anyone can over do it. The main problem here is that search engines like Google and others have software that can detect such web pages and you will be shocked to find out that your website has been banned by that particular search engine.

Pentasoft Solutions can help you ensure that your website doesn’t get penalized for overdoing your keywords. They experienced content writers can get the job done for you.

Directory Submission: The next step in OFF page optimization involves directory submission. When your website is submitted to directories such as DMOZ and others, you would find a slight increase in your website rankings. When your content or articles are written by professional SEO consultants like Pentasoft Solutions, you can sure of one thing that we have excellent knowledge on OFF page optimization, article directories, keyword density, and link building strategies.

One of the most important internet marketing techniques is to utilize these article directories to increase your website rankings. Manual article submissions and manual directory submissions are an ideal link building tool which can be used for promoting your website.

Article directories are mostly free, but few directories require you to provide a fee on a yearly basis. Pentasoft Solutions provide you with ideal article directory service for your website.

Article Submission: Pentasoft Solutions has some of the best professional article writers who can ensure that your articles are of top quality. One of the most important online marketing strategies is article marketing. Articles which are written by professional writers or content writers make a big difference.

Writing articles might seem easy, but there are many factors that must be taken into consideration before writing an article, while writing an article, and after writing an article. Merely writing good quality articles won’t do as a resource box also has to be included at the bottom of the article.

Many article submission websites like have the facility for article writers to write a few lines about themselves and their work. Resource box places a vital role in promoting your website and your work because when the article are written with good quality and your readers are impressed with your work, they will want to know more about you and your website.

Social Bookmarking: Another important method to market your website on the internet is using social bookmarking. Pentasoft Solutions promote your website by creating links on websites like Digg and others. Though SEO companies don’t give too much importance to social bookmarking while promoting websites, Pentasoft Solutions don’t take anything for granted.

You never know what can help you and social bookmarking must not be underestimated.

Blog Submission: Blogs are websites where millions of users log worldwide on a daily basis to check out the latest information on products and services. Another important reason why many people log on is to debate and share their views on products and services.

When your company doesn’t have its own blog, then you are missing out on this amazing opportunity to find about what your clients think about your products and services. Pentasoft Solutions understands the importance of blogs which is why they provide excellent blogging services.

Writing on a debatable topic is one of the best ways to generate more internet traffic to your website as many users tend to share their thoughts and feelings about the topic. Blogging is something which can’t be missed out on when you want to promote your website.

Press Release: The first thing that you will want to do when you release a product or service is to write a press release about it. A press release is a brief statement about a product or a service. Those who are new to this term might not understand what a press release.

You can find examples of press releases by searching on the internet for new car model releases. The format when writing press releases is very important as that has to be followed or it won’t serve its purpose. They are the ideal examples. Pentasoft Solutions have excellent content writers who are well versed in writing press releases that can promote your products or services.

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