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The main aim of writing a press release is to generate lots of interest in your business among the people. The best part about press releases when compared to other search engine optimization methods is that you can get more publicity about your business through both online and offline.

They are more credible than other methods as far as promoting your business or website goes. This is why it is crucial that your press release is written by people who know what they are doing. When you don’t like reading your own press releases, then chances are that other too may not like going through your press releases.

Why your website needs press release submission?

You are planning to have an event in your company or function in your office and you want the world to know about it, then how will go about things. We are not talking about merely promoting your business here, but also promoting you. If you have visited exhibitions, then you can find huge crowds jostling for space to check out stuff.

So, when your company or business is planning to release the new product or a service, then it is imperative that you let others know about it. The best way to let your customers know about your product or service is to write an attractive advertisement about it. Only when others know about the event or function, they will come and attend the program.

When people are impressed with your products or services, then they talk about it to their family and friends. This is called word of mouth. Press releases are similar to word of mouth. Many business men tend to underestimate the power of the word of mouth and suffer the consequences of that.

It is a known fact that all websites need press releases. Having said that, a press release that is written well without any grammatical mistakes can perform miracles for your business. Only when you can draw some attention about your website, media may be interested in publishing your press release.

Why us?

Why do you want to choose Pentasoft Solutions to make your press release submission? To write a good quality press release you must have many years of experience in the field. Merely being a journalist or having good writing skills can’t get you the job done. Press releases are no nonsense stuff, where every line has to be perfectly written to generate the attention of news editors.

Press releases can be effective only when they are done and even though the written work is excellent, it may not be published when it is not properly distributed according to accepted standards. Our writers have years of experience in writing not only press releases but also quality articles, which gives them a distinctive edge over others.

Their writing strategy is as good as their press release distribution plan. Factors like having an impressive headline, no spelling and grammatical errors ensure that the press releases are read. Press releases that are written by our writers ensure that they are formatted correctly and have information that is useful for the reader.

Our writers have zero tolerance for spelling and grammatical errors. Submitting press releases to the right places only can get you the job done. Whether it is off line or online, you need to use a right channel to get your press releases noticed. We at Pentasoft Solutions know exactly how to make an impact on the editors to not only get your press releases noted, but also published.

So, if you want your press releases to be read, then you would want to definitely try out our writers and make sure that your website being successful on the internet.

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