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From a website point of view getting noticed plays a vital role in the exposure on the internet. The main problem here is that you got millions of blogs and articles published on the internet. If you are an amateur who has recently created a website, then your blog or articles might go unnoticed on the internet.

On the whole, your article marketing would go waste when you don’t get things right on track. Once you work on this, the rest will fall in place. Most people who have launched their blogs failed to get the desired result or traffic as expected. Blogging is one of the most cheapest and effective methods to get attention on the internet.

Here is how we do article, blog, and directory submissions:

Understand terms and conditions: Many experienced SEO consultants make the mistake of not going through the terms and conditions properly before submitting their articles, blogs, and directories. Many articles, blogs, and directories require you to register with their website before you want to submit.

But, before you want to submit, you would want to read the terms and conditions so that you are aware of the rules. Usually most of the articles, blogs, and directories provide free registration. It is always better to be on the safe side and know the Do’s and Don’ts of an article, blog or directory.

We at Pentasoft Solutions realize the importance of the knowing the rules and regulations of articles and directories.

High quality articles and blogs: Readers like to value their time. They don’t like reading an article or blog only to realize that they have wasted their time. Though it takes only few minutes to read a 500 word article or blog, readers are very particular about the information that they want.

If the article or blog has been able to impress them, then they like to come for more. But when the article or blog fails to excite them, they don’t look back. Worse, they might cause damage to the article or blog writer by telling others about the poor quality of the stuff in there.

You might be surprised to learn that many article and blog directories allow quality information on their website because their reputation is at stake. This is the main reason for your articles and blogs to be unique and informative. Pentasoft Solutions makes is a point not to copy other’s stuff as it is an easy option, but the end would be very fatal.

Creating own articles that are of quality is one of the best qualities of Pentasoft Solutions and all the articles are verified for uniqueness through Copyscape and Grammarly.

Length of articles and blogs: It is very important to keep an eye on the length of the articles and blog that are submitted. Many article and blog directories are very particular about the length of the articles and blogs that being submitted to their websites. Many articles and blog directories accept 300 to 400 words while others might require articles and blogs of 600 to 800 words.

Never abuse keywords: It is very important that the keywords are not abused. This is where Pentasoft Solutions makes it a point to optimize the keywords accordingly. The keyword density in this case plays an important role for articles and blogs. Many article and blog directories have rejected articles and blogs because of keyword abuse.

When the articles or blogs are rejected, then it can become very difficult for your stuff to get accepted on websites again. Usually when you submit the articles or blogs the first time, you also need to submit your website. So, when you are planning on submitting using the same website, the article or blog directory will automatically reject your submission.

Submitting to directories with high page rank: Pentasoft Solutions ensure that we submit to article and blog directories with high page rank. Only when the articles and blogs are submitted to popular directories will the masses take note of that. When you are submitting to directories that have a low page rank, then the purpose of gaining online exposure is not served as you may not be able to excite anyone.

The main reason why blogs and articles bring in a lot of exposure is because of the fact that they can generate a lot of excitement among readers. When you are able to write quality articles and blogs, then you can be rest assured that many readers would like to join in the discussion and like to know more about your website.

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